Copyright your compositions

Many individuals create original music, whether independently or as part of a band, and they are fully entitled to all the benefits deriving from their creations. Whether the composition is noted as sheet music or recorded from a live performance, the creator maintains ownership of that piece. Unfortunately, without appropriate copyright steps for your song or music, in any format, there's a possibility that someone else might produce something similar, which could undermine your ability to claim your creation and maximize its potential benefits.

If you are like most composers and musicians, you place significant value on your musical creations; they form part of your identity. Moreover, if you aim to monetize your music or use it strategically in your business, it is essential to safeguard it to the fullest extent. If your audience appreciates your music, but you have not yet secured copyright protection for your compositions, there is a risk that someone could replicate your work and claim it as their own. The absence of previous incidents does not guarantee future security. If your music is important to you, it merits protection. That is why securing copyright protection through is critical.

Securing Your Musical Assets

The most effective way to protect your musical work is through registration and deposition. By making a copyright deposit with, protection becomes immediate. This deposit not only establishes a definitive creation date for your music but also ensures that anyone who subsequently produces a similar track must respect your copyright. The deposit acts as your official proof of ownership and rights to your creation.

When you apply for copyright protection, this safeguard is lifelong. Depositing your music with means your work is in the care of officials obligated to maintain all documentation in a tamper-proof manner, ensuring the integrity of your deposit. Should you make a significant alteration to your music, a new deposit will be necessary to maintain each record's continuity. Your music remains readily accessible to you, the rights holder, at any time.

In Australia, provided your music is original and unique, it qualifies for copyright protection. However, this protection is only effective if you can demonstrate that the work is yours and that it has been copied by another party. offers a secure repository for your music, ensuring you always have the means to substantiate your ownership and the date of creation, which can deter any infringing artist or musician almost instantly. With a copyright deposit in Australia, your protection extends to all 176 signatory countries of the Berne Convention, providing international coverage for your music.