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Register Copyright and protect your creative works and innovations for life time in 176 countries by Notary deposit. Our Copyright deposit service is based on international Bern Convention gathering 176 countries. Protect Your Creative Works By a Copyright certified by Public Notary : We protect your Logos, Books, Websites, Screenplays, Musics, Written Works, Artworks, Photos, Internet Domains...

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If the drawing or the model has unusual aesthetic qualities, or if it is an image, text, audio or video document, it may also be protected by copyright. In this case, the Berne convention applies and the drawing or model is protected in the 176 signatory countries, then you can use our on line service to timestamp your creations in order to have a proof of Copyright, whereby each registration will be electronically dated and certified by a public notary, which will provide you with irrefutable proof in the event of legal proceedings.
The purpose of copyright is to protect intellectual creations. It gives rights to the person who created them, which allows them to increase the value of their work and to take action against forgery and unfair competition. Which creations can you protect by copyright? A report.
The onus is on the creator to prove that he is indeed the creator of the work at a certain date, especially in the event of a dispute. Indeed if another person who has stolen or plagiarised his work can show that he was in possession of it at a given time, the original creator will have no claim if he cannot for his part prove the precedence of his rights. This is why a copyright registered with a legal representative is essential. offers to carry out your copyright registrations with a public notary in an instant.
Registration with a sworn official, such as a solicitor or a public notary confers irrefutable probative value of the registration, both of the content and the date. It will be difficult to contest this proof in law. offers to carry out your copyright registration with a public notary in an instant.
Your Copyright registered with a sworn official such as a public notary will be valid in the 176 countries which have signed the Berne Convention. You can find the list of these countries at the OMPI website or on our website by clicking on the button below.