We all have ideas from time to time, and some can be incredibly valuable. Someone might think of a revolutionary cure for a disease, while others might conceive a unique concept for a movie or TV show that has never been seen before. Before you bring your idea to fruition, you might want to safeguard it against someone who might find it good enough to copy or outright steal. After all, if it's potentially profitable, it's also potentially at risk of being duplicated or stolen. So, how can you protect your idea, even in the early stages of a project or business? The most effective way is through copyright law.

If you have a groundbreaking idea, you'll need copyright protection similar to what is offered through Legally, if your idea is sufficiently detailed, creative, and unique, you automatically have a copyright once you document it. However, if your ownership of the idea is challenged or if someone else has copied it in whole or in part, or claims they thought of it first, you must be able to prove your ownership and the exact date of your idea's inception. The simplest method to do this is to register and deposit your idea.

How We Keep Your Idea Safe and Protect Your Rights

When you make a copyright deposit of your idea, it's crucial to detail it as thoroughly as possible. A vague one or two sentences will be challenging to protect. However, if your idea is elaborately detailed and you deposit it with us, the protection becomes immediate. Registering and depositing your idea confirms your ownership and sets a definitive creation date. This deposit establishes the priority of your copyright and serves as indisputable evidence of it. The deposit effectively becomes your official witness of your rights.

When you file for copyright protection for your idea with, your protection is valid for life. Your submission is meticulously handled by officials who are legally bound to maintain all deposited documents with the highest level of care, in a system that ensures all deposits are unalterable, thus certifying their authenticity. At any time, you can access your idea, enabling you to consistently demonstrate proof of your rights to that design.

In Australia, as long as your idea is highly unique and creative and you provide sufficient details to define it as such, it qualifies for copyright protection. You can always safeguard your idea and demonstrate ownership, ensuring that it predates any copies. provides you with a secure location for your idea, and the tools to halt any infringing parties in their tracks. The protection for your design is also very comprehensive. When you make a copyright deposit in Australia, your copyright protection is valid in all 176 countries that are signatories to the Berne Convention, ensuring that your idea is protected internationally.