Whether you have penned one of the greatest novels in Australian literature or crafted a technical manual, your book represents a substantial investment of effort and is of significant importance to you. It is your creation, and rightfully, you should be the sole beneficiary of its success, both financially and in other respects. After all, this is the fundamental principle of Australian copyright law: your creative work should belong exclusively to you.

In Australia, as long as your book is original and not derivative of another work, it is eligible for copyright protection. However, this protection is only effective if you can demonstrate that someone has copied your book or otherwise infringed upon it. This can only be achieved if you are able to provide legal proof that you are the owner of the book and that your book predates any similar copy. One method to safeguard yourself is by registering and making a copyright deposit, which establishes you as the legal owner of the work and sets a definite creation date for the book.

How To Protect Your Book?

When you register and make a copyright deposit of your book with, the protection is instantaneous. Your copyright deposit establishes a definitive date of creation for your book, which secures your priority of copyright. Additionally, this deposit acts as irrefutable proof of copyright because it is immutable by any third party. Thus, the deposit of your book serves as your official testimony to your rights to your creation or design.

When you file for copyright protection for your book, that protection is valid for life. By depositing your book for copyright protection, your work is in the custody of officials who are legally obligated to retain all documents in a manner that renders them incontrovertible in any legal proceedings. Moreover, your protection extends beyond Australia. A copyright deposit in Australia with is valid in all 171 countries that are signatories to the Berne Convention, ensuring your book is protected internationally.