Why a Notary Public Should Certify Your Copyright

A notary public is an official of integrity who is appointed by a government to serve the public as an impartial witness in many legal relationships. Notaries are used to witness many legal actions, including the signing of important documents, such as contracts, marriage licenses and others. The purpose of a notary public is to certify the validity of a legal act, as a way of deterring fraud.

What is the Purpose of a Notary Public?

We use public notaries in our system as a way of providing an impartial witness to your copyright deposit and registration. When your work is received, they will certify it as genuine and that you are the owner and they will also certify the date of the copyright.

The importance of a public notary in the copyright process cannot be overstated. To have any legal document, including a copyrighted work, notarized means everything in a court of law because notaries have no skin in the game. They follow a specific set of rules designed to underscore their impartiality because they are seen as quasi-judicial.

A notary public has been screened by judicial and/or government officials as to their impartiality and their integrity, which is the foundation of a notary's position of public trust. They personally verify the documents presented and the time and date it was presented, and they swear, under penalty of perjury, that the copyrighted work and the date submitted are exactly as described.

Establishing the Authority of Your Copyright

While a notary is not an attorney, judge or high-ranking public official, they do serve as an official representative of the government, a notary public have the legal authority to certify the proper execution of documents under copyright law and that certification is incontestable in court. They will certify the identity of the author of the work and the date it was submitted for copyright protection in a way that ensures that fraud did not occur, and they provide a valid witness to the validity of a copyright claim.

When you upload your work of fiction onto our system, it is placed in the hands of a public notary whose primary job it is to make sure your work is sufficiently original and unique and who will certify that your copyright is registered, archived and protected. The notaries will certify your copyright deposit and make sure it is always retained in pristine condition and is accessible to you whenever you need it.