Terms and Conditions


Any purchase of any service offered by copyright-australia.com implies full and unreserved acceptance by the customer of these terms and conditions of sale, which take precedence over any other document of the purchaser. Any other document other than this: "conditions of sale", whether catalogs, brochures, advertisements or notices are for informational purposes only and not exact, but not binding. Customer acknowledges being sufficiently informed about the characteristics, advantages and limitations of deposits offered by copyright-australia.com.



copyright-australia.com operates a system of sealed electronic public notary certificates in real time, which gives the client's digital file, a specific date and time, which are also certified by the public notary. From the site copyright-australia.com, the company offers a service of Digital Timestamping giving a proof of COPYRIGHT certified by public notary for any type of creations (models, books, documents, songs, pictures, scripts, textiles etc..) which is a form of evidence authorship of that creation and gives it a certain date.



Deposit services offered by the company are sold in annual plan. Each deposit gives you the right to the presentation of a digital file. Annual packages are valid for one year from the date of signing the contract. The deposits not used during the yearly subscription are lost permanently and cannot be extended, renewed the contract or not. Signing a contract is irrevocable and amounts due under any contract should be paid to the Company of copyright-australia.com, whether the customer uses the services purchased or not. Access to the deposit is subject to prior payment of total contract price. The customer is solely responsible for payment of all amounts invoiced under this contract. This contract is not assignable or transferable and is set for the exclusive use of the client whose identity appears in the contract.



Once paid the total contract price, copyright-australia.com active at the time an account with the user name chosen by the customer directly accessible from the "client access" found on the site copyright-australia.com. This account allows customers to make deposits on the one hand you want and the other, see the history of their deposits and the balance of deposits. Deposits are made online, either directly by the client that receives an electronic acknowledgment with the date and time of the documentation submitted, or copyright-australia.com, whom the client can request to deposit their works, in which case need to be sent in digital file format. All documents of the work that the client has sent will be stored by copyright-australia.com and the public notary after your deposit online and will be maintained every year after the payment of the annual subscription fees.



The rates of different packages are presented on the site and are quoted in the currency displayed on the website offers, generally the currency are displayed in the currency of the country of connection. Prices are subject to change without notice. The prices do not include import tax and duties or VAT, should your plan become examined and deemed taxable by your local laws you will pay the tax. Payment of these is the responsibility of the buyer. copyright-australia.com reserves the right to change prices at any time, so that packages are based on rates prevailing at the time of subscription or renewal.



copyright-australia.com will:

  • satisfy the requests of his customers within the limits of his capacity, IT systems and his constraints of quality of services,

  • implement all the means at his disposal to enable the performance of his deposit digital service but remains bound by an obligation of means, taking into account the particularities of the electronic tool, and taking into account the limitations imposed by the suppliers of access (file size limitation, file transfer speed involving the possible end of a session being processed a record, manipulation error on the part of the client, etc.)

  • take appropriate measures to ensure the protection and confidentiality of the contents of the depots (access to the deposited files) which it holds and which it processes in accordance with the provisions of the law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, relative computers, files and liberties, and reserves the right, unless otherwise advised by the customer, to communicate this information to market research firms and polling institutes, exclusively for the purpose of study and analysis, or to companies in the context of joint commercial operations or otherwise.

  • allow the generic communication of deposit types, the name of the creation, and the date of the deposits, on the basis of sectoral data of the creations, which ensures to any creation a publication on copyright-australia.com to assure his promotion.



The customer agrees to:

  • fill in all the fields requested when opening the creation account.

  • pay the amount of his service subscription annually

  • provide accurate and real contact details when registering

  • communicate a valid email address intended to receive deposit receipts or another communications,

  • upload on the website the documents or digital files to be deposited,

  • immediately notify copyright-australia.com of any change of name, form or other ..., under penalty of unenforceability.

  • renew the initial contract for one year (each new year), in the same manner, unless expressly canceled by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, which must be sent 1 month before the anniversary date.

  • accept the storage of his registration information in copyright-australia.com databases.

  • allow copyright-australia.com to use his informations including firstname, lastname, address, zip, city, email and phone number in order to communicate and exchange email and/or sms regarding orders, promotions, renewals, collections, informations.



copyright-australia.com is not responsible for the content of the deposit. The customer (user) is submitting his own files and upload them in copyright-australia.com. The customer (user) need to ensures the quality of the documents presented and need to check any aspects such as readability of texts, visibility of the photographs, or highlighting of the unique features of the work. copyright-australia.com is not responsible about the originality of this work, the customer is solely to ensure the absence of rights in present models. Customer acknowledges that the deposit is not the creator of intellectual property rights and is a form of proof. copyright-australia.com is a third party allowing a service of electronic timestamping which does not guarantee the absence of anteriority or the originality of the deposited work, it is to the sole customer to make sure of the absence of rights on the models submitted for copyright. The customer acknowledges that the responsibility of copyright-australia.com could not be engaged in case of direct or indirect damage of which the present contract could be the cause, the occasion, including in the case where copyright-australia.com would have been informed of the existence of a risk.


The contracts with copyright-australia.com company within one year from the date of signature and are renewed by tacit agreement by an automatic renewal at the end of the year of subscription of the same amount, unless the customer sends us a letter by mail or email indicating the desire to avoid the automatic renewal of the contract until 30 days before the anniversary date of the contract. Any cancellations made verbally have no immediate effect on the current subscription, and the customer has no right to request a refund for used deposits. Only cancellations by certified mail 30 days before the end of the year shall be considered valid.

ARTICLE 10: Cancellation and Refund policy

Thanks for purchasing our registration our services at Copyright Australia operated by Objective Concept SARL 

By accepting the terms of use , you agree that you may cancel any subscription within 15 days of purchase and receive a full refund from Copyright Australia. 

Please contact our Customer Service team to request a cancellation of a subscription at Copyright Australia . 

Once we receive notification from you that you wish to cancel your subscription, any amount paid to Copyright Australia for the subscription will be refunded as soon as possible. 

All refunds will be processed in accordance with the payment method selected by you at the time of your purchase. 

Additionally, as part of the measures we employ to secure your privacy, we will only refund to the payment method used for the last transaction. 

No refunds will be processed to any other credit/debit card. 

Subscriptions may be refunded in full at the sole condition that you may not have used the credit ( registration service itself). 

Once any of your credits has been used, no cancellation nor refund will be processed. 

If you wish to use the credit as soon as your purchased has been operated, you entirely renounce to your cancellation right and any further refund request.


When the customer is a merchant, any dispute arising in connection with the interpretation, the conclusion or performance of this contract shall be filed with the commercial court of the country of copyright-australia.com company. copyright-australia.com protects your creativity and respects diversity. We go to great efforts to avoid offending users in their various ideals. However, copyright-australia.com reserves the right not to protect creations whose contents are not appropriate for our copyright network. For this reason, we do not allow the protection of any of the following contents: Hate; Pornography; violence; bullying; racism; Sexual, religious or political intolerance or all organized that preach this type of ideologies Exploitation: content that is exploitative or appears to capitalize unfairly at the expense of others. Therefore, any customer that promotes these services through our protection. copyright-australia.com reserves the right to block your account without warning or legal process.
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