About Copyright Australia

Since 18 years a team of experts in digital technologies and intellectual property field founded a digital technology to proof your copyright on your digital creations, the Copyright-Australia.com website offers you an online registration and protection for your creations in order to get an instant copyright.

We will guide you through the workflow with our easy-to-use interface. With this interface, you can register and protect all your documents and creations online and and get digital proof of existence in realtime, each deposit is certified by a public notary in order to prove the origin and precedence of your copyright.

We provide a solution which is:

  • Fast and available 24 hours à day, so that you can register your documents at any time,
  • Reliable, due to the copyright being created on line and certified by a public notary and on a blockchain dedicated to copyright,
  • Irrefutable: you will be in possession of undeniable proof of the existence of the documents you register at a specific time,
  • Accessible: our platform has all the security guarantees and we offer the possibility of registering documents in sizes and formats which meet all of your requirements,
  • Coordinated: the registration is sent simultaneously to your email and to a public notary,
  • Optimal in terms of storage, with unlimited storage of your registrations in your email inbox, 70 years of storage on our servers and 30 years with the public notary,
  • Confidential: the digital signature of your registration and its content are impossible to forge and you are the only person who can view it,
  • Complete: your registration is covered by copyright and is therefore protected in all of the 176 countries which have signed the Berne convention.