Guarantee Copyright-Australia

Choosing, it's the guarantee of :

- Registering your creative works (your creative works are encrypted, digitalised and dated in real time), and treated by our baillif. Your copyright deposit is valid in 172 countries of the Berne Convention.

- Fully devoting to your activity and to the development of your creative work without fearing any illegal use.

- Choosing a real protection certified by our baillif: a stong proof in case of conflicts.

- Choosing a safe and confidential service.

- Getting, after registering each document, a time stamped receipt with the proof of the certain date and a seal on document content on it.

- Accessing 24/7 to the registered file online.

- Having a hotline for you deposits and your conflicts in case of copyright counterfeiting.

- Having a free affidavit drawn up by a bailiff in case on conflict.

- Having a free save burnt on a CD-ROM for each deposit.

*In case of conflict (copying, counterfeiting, trials.), our deposit includes standard answers on usual procedures.

In order to settle these lawsuits and according to where the infraction took place (Internet, stores, exhibit hall...), we will make you in contact with juridical experts and bailiffs who can act legally.

Our rates :


1 copyright deposit digitalised and officialy timestamped for only $49 AUD !!!
Déposer un copyright officiel sur is specialized service of high quality in registering, storage and protection of creative work. Our team has an extensive experience in bailiff deposit. Thousands of firms and individuals already trust us and daily use our protection service.