Register Copyright and protect your creative works and innovations for life time in 172 countries by Notary deposit.

Our Copyright deposit service is based on international Bern Convention gathering 172 countries.

Register and Protect your creative work online by an Official Copyright.

International validity for lifetime. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Your Copyright for $49 AUD* INCLUDING V.A.T * Valid for life over 172 countries - Real Time Deposit certified by public notary

Protect Your Creative Works By Public Notary Copyright
We protect your Websites, Screenplays, Musics, Written Works, Logos, Artworks, Photos, Trademarks, Internet Domains...

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1 239 226 registered copyright deposits by our group in Australia, UK, India, Canada, USA, and other countries.

Each creation is the fruit of much work
and often costly.

The solution : "patent" your creative works and innovations by an official copyright deposit in 172 countries !

Copyright-Australia is the third party enabling a registration service of your creative works and innovations. It provides you for each creative work and in real time, an unequivocal and irrefutable proof of anteriority against a copier and a counterfeiter.

By sealing your creative work at our bailiff, we timestamp a certain date to it. It's your deposit copyright online. Therefore, you are able to prove you are the first creator and then claim the copyright.

In case of conflict, such a proof is the key element to provide, in condition of originality, to win the trial.

Protect your creative work on !

  • $49 AUD your copyright registration for lifetime in 172 countries without extra fee.
  • We freely assure the confidentiality of your copyright deposits.
  • Copyright Registration in real time by Notary.
  • You have a client interface allowing you to check, manage, your proof list of copyright deposits, retrieval receipts... at anytime.
  • Severals creative works by deposit can be done.
  • $49 AUD your copyright registration for lifetime in 172 countries without extra fee.
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Register your creative works for lifetime !
What is a deposit for ?

Register your innovation, your design, your project, a logo, an invention (a secret one), allows you to:

  • Copyright proof for lifetime: anteriority.
  • No waiting time: online deposit and deposit certificate in real time by e-mail
  • A secure storage on our servers for 30 years
  • A low investment (49 $ AUD only !) ••
  • A safer communication with your partners, customers, and suppliers
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